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Timely transition maintains secure message center services

This case study reviews how a large financial services company saved their client experience after an existing secure messaging software component was discontinued. Challenges included:

  • Maintaining existing high-volume client services portal
  • Fully integrating a secure message center
  • No disruption to familiar communication
  • Providing complete access to past messages
  • Ensuring data security compliance

DataMotion delivers secure client-advisor communications for wealth management firm

Like most finserv companies, this organization offers account holders a self-service portal which enables online access to account information. In addition, they provide a secure message center within the portal, enabling communications with clients through a webmail feature. Through this, clients can send email and share documents with their financial advisors securely and in compliance with privacy and security regulations. Clients are made aware of new messages waiting in the message center through email notifications and mobile text messages (SMS).


The company has long understood this approach is necessary in order to provide a great customer experience (CX), as well as to protect clients and their own corporate reputation. As a result, this way of communicating became an important engagement tool for the company, with its advisors and clients exchanging more than 800,000 messages each year...

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about secure message centers

Insurers everywhere are transforming members’ experiences with digital communication exchanges, unifying interaction between plans and consumers as much as possible.

As we redesigned our portals, it was imperative we found business partners that could help us increase customer engagement while meeting stringent security and privacy standards. 

The best fit for us would be taking our existing services and swapping out the previous product logic that we communicated with – and that just wasn’t possible with other vendors. With DataMotion, we could. 

Mark Nathan, CEO, Zipari
Tim Riley, CIO, Network Health
Solutions Architect, large finserv organization