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This whitepaper makes the case for why improving the customer portal experience is on today's agenda for finserv:

  • Market trends
  • The impacts of data security and privacy
  • The customer portal
  • What works and how to get there
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Improving Customer Experience is on the Table

The financial services industry, known as finserv, encompasses a range of businesses unified by one particular purpose – managing money. SelectUSA reported that in 2017 finserv in the U.S. accounted for $1.45 trillion in gross domestic product, with more than six million employees handling the investing, lending and management of money and assets. At the center of this massive ecosystem is the consumer. iStock-511116978

Consumer expectations are high and service shortfalls have a severe impact on business. Research by Walker Information predicts that by 2020 customer experience (CX) will be the main differentiator in business, eclipsing typical motivators of price and product. The positive impact of improving customer experience has not been lost on finserv. Finserv needs to meet consumers “where they are” and implement must-do technology. 

This report discusses these trends, the regulatory environment these organizations face and the customer needs for online self-service tools that are supported by communications channels that easily link them to their financial advisors. The report also offers up solutions for meeting these kinds of customer requirements.


 What people are saying

about secure message centers

Insurers everywhere are transforming members’ experiences with digital communication exchanges, unifying interaction between plans and consumers as much as possible.

As we redesigned our portals, it was imperative we found business partners that could help us increase customer engagement while meeting stringent security and privacy standards. 

Customer portals need the ability to exchange any kind of information including that which is regulated. 

Mark Nathan, CEO, Zipari
Tim Riley, CIO, Network Health
Bob Janacek, CEO, DataMotion