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This whitepaper makes the case for why improving the customer portal experience is on today's agenda for finserv:

  • Market trends
  • The impacts of data security and privacy
  • The customer portal
  • What works and how to get there
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Executive Summary

The insurance, financial services and healthcare industries work with regulated information as part of their core business processes.  Because of this sending secure email in customer portals and support services for members, account holders or patients is more complicated than other industries due to security and privacy regulations surrounding the sensitive information, be it identity, financial or health information. Support services delivered via web and app-based messaging and email channels must be encrypted, logged and tracked for compliance purposes.client message center

 For that reason, organizations in these sectors should implement a secure message center on their web properties. When implementing a secure message center (SMC) for a website or customer services portal, what questions should you be asking yourself? In our experience – it’s all about understanding the support inquiry workflow end-to-end. Below are 10 questions to consider, and some insight based on our experience implementing them. For simplicity in the guidance provided, we use ‘customers’ to describe all prospective and current financial services clients, insurance subscribers, patients, clinicians etc. Likewise, anyone in your organization supporting or communicating with customers are labeled ‘employees’.

 What people are saying

about secure message centers

Insurers everywhere are transforming members’ experiences with digital communication exchanges, unifying interaction between plans and consumers as much as possible.

As we redesigned our portals, it was imperative we found business partners that could help us increase customer engagement while meeting stringent security and privacy standards. 

Customer portals need the ability to exchange any kind of information including that which is regulated. 

Mark Nathan, CEO, Zipari
Tim Riley, CIO, Network Health
Bob Janacek, CEO, DataMotion